Born in Naples.. is not only Lucio's birthplace but also his source of inspiration, the place where everything is excessive and possible.

Lucio's got an artistic attitude as his father Sergio Carlo (16.12.1924 – 5.5.1989) that was a poet and a painter (see International Catalogue of Contemporary Art 1981-1982 Edition RIMECO). In 1965, when Lucio was only eleven, his dialect poem 'O scugnizzo was published in the newspaper "Napoli Notte".

Then, in 1968, with an Agfa Silette II camera, he began to take photos of students' movement (in which he was fully involved) showing the gap existing between the working world and the scholastic system. So he started his passion for the photography and printing in dark room. Some of his photos, poem and articles were published in 1971 in the journal school (Scientific Lyceum "Galileo Galilei" Naples).

His passion for the photos helped him during the difficult studies of Engineering by the Polytechnic of Naples, where he graduated, and he took photos also of electrical equipments, pictures from oscilloscopes and pylons. In the meantime he succeeded to involve other photographer friends (A.F.V. Associazione Fotografica Vomerese) in the organization of photo shows regarding Naples problems as "property speculation", disposal and reconversion of waste material" and environment. Of course, also "the sea" and all its aspects were represented in black and white photos using a reflex Zeiss Icarex TM.

In 1981 Lucio moved to Rome and then, in the early 1990s, he joined a photo club, "Gruppo Fotografico Romano Proposta ’80", where he met Alberto Placidoli who helped him to cooperate with "Roma Rome" magazine (Lucio did some covers). In 1994 were published some photos in Lunario Romano “Le strade del Lazio” by Newton Compton.

During those years Proposta '80 group organized several photo exhibitions and stages that improved Lucio's experience; then, in 1996, Lucio took part as official photographer to "Vela Longa" competition in Naples and to Sailing Boat (Vaurien) Italian Championship in Naples and, next year, in Bracciano. So he cooperated with "Fare Vela" magazine and there was the publication of some photos in "Lupo di Mare" and the following photographic cooperation with Canottieri Orbetello Society for the creation of brochures.

In 2005, he was elected FIAF Provincial Delegate for the province of Rome; in 2008, he was elected by the FIAF National Council Regional Director for Lazio. In late 2008 he was among the founders of the "Associazione Culturale Pixel Ocean". In 2009 he received from the FIAF Board of Directors the honor of " Benemerito della Fotografia Italiana - BFI". He has been a jury member of several national photographic competition. His photographs have been published in magazines Reflex e Foto Cult; in 2006 he participates in the monograph "Latium", in 2008 to book local shows "Immagini del Gusto (Images of Taste)" and in 2010 he is a promoter, curator and realized together with FIAF Lazio photographers the monograph "Roma: il risveglio (Rome: The Awakening)". Also in 2010 he participates in the book "ABRUZZO 3.32 I segni del terremoto (ABRUZZO 3:32 Signs of the earthquake)" produced by FIAF Club "Aternum Fotoamatori Abruzzesi" and edited by Bruno Colalongo.

Moreover Lucio travelled a lot for job reasons and so he produced a lot of photos about urban areas, details of architecture, monuments and daily life, people and situations taken to the streets of cities around the world.

At the moment he uses Nikon D700 and Leica M7 cameras.

His poems production arises from his sensibility towards images, feelings and events and so it is explained the words game " Scatti per..versi".